How to make the Yogurt with boiling the milk?


Prepare the ingredients

1.2 litre of boiling water, our Yogurt Starter Culture sachet or 3-4 spoons of plain natural yogurt and 1.1 litre of non-flavored milk. (full fat milk will result in thicker yogurt) You can boil an extra litre of milk, store in the fridge and later proceed with it from step 4!

Why boil?

When boiling the milk, the water within the milk will evaporate, resulting in a thicker initial yogurt. The longer you boil, the thicker your yogurt will be and will also have a stronger taste! With this method you can also use pasteurised milk because it activates any milk that has been treated below 100 ºС, allowing the yogurt to set. 

Step One

Pour the milk into a pot and bring to a boil at a temperature of approximately 92 ºC, until small bubbles appear.

Step Two

Maintain this heat for 5-15 minutes. If the temperature is too high the milk will over boil and foam will quickly rise!

Step Three

Let the milk cool down to room temperature, below 25 ºC.

Step Four

Pour 100ml of milk into the container, add our sachet or the 3-4 full spoons of starter yogurt and stir well! Then fill with the remaining milk until it reaches 1 litre and stir again. Close the container.


Step Five

Open the Yogurt Maker and place the container holder inside and push down!




Step Six

Boil water and pour the water through the hole of the container holder until it reaches the top of the hole.


Step Seven

Place the container inside the Yogurt Maker and fill with more boiling water as shown in the image. Close the Yogurt Maker.


Step Eight

Leave undisturbed for 6-12 hours, then leave for 5+ hours in the fridge and enjoy!




Save 3-4 spoons of yogurt for your next batch! When eating the yogurt, whey will separate from it. You can either drain it out, or stir it in and consume! If yogurt does not set, see Questions, Tips and Tricks.

Natural flavor, sour flavor or sweet flavor?

You can adjust the flavor of your yogurt from natural, to sweet, to sour. Simply the longer you leave the yogurt in the Yogurt Maker, the more sour it will become. In 6 hours the yogurt will have a natural flavor; with every hour afterwards it will become more sour. Additionally, the longer you leave the yogurt in the fridge, the more sour it will become. If you enjoy your yogurt sweet, add powder sugar before placing in the Yogurt Maker or add natural sugar after the yogurt has set; in both cases stir well. The raw ingredients you use - milk and starter yogurt - will influence the taste.