Other things to use Yumii for?

Yumii’s main purpose is to make you delicious yogurt but you may also use Yumii for other things!


Keep food warm for longer

Your meal is ready and your guest is going to be late? Place your food into the container, pour boiling water into the Yogurt Maker, place the container inside and fill with more boiling water. It will keep your food warm for about 3 hours. Suitable for soups, sauces, rice, pasta, potatoes, beans and more dishes which are all in one dish. When serving your food you can simply open the lid of the Yogurt Maker and the lid of the container and serve. Oil based foods (e.g. oil/tomato based sauces) may stain the container.


Keep drinks or food cold for longer

Open the Yogurt Maker and take out the container holder. Place ice on the bottom, then put the container inside filled with a cold beverage or cold food, and then close the Yogurt Maker. Alternatively place ice on the bottom, put a cold bottle inside leaving the Yogurt Maker open. Suitable for most beverages, depending on their bottle size, also for salad, yogurt, cold desserts and cold dishes. If a bottle is too big or too heavy it may tilt the Yogurt Maker. Perfect for an ice bucket! The Yogurt Maker will keep the drink or food colder for longer! Oil based foods (e.g. oil/tomato based sauces) may stain the container.

Slowly warm food up

The Yogurt Maker and the container are suitable for warming up baby food. Simply pour boiling water inside and put your baby bottle inside. Shake the bottle and ensure you check the temperature of the milk before feeding! Important to remember that the Yogurt Maker is not leak proof. If tilted to one side it will leak.