How to make Greek Style Yogurt or Yogurt Cream?


Do you love Greek yogurt or yogurt cream?
Simply use our straining cloth to make either of these to your desired taste!
The yogurt will reduce in volume after straining, however, it will still have the nutritional benefits!

Step One

Take out your plain yogurt after it has been refrigerated.



Step Two

Place your clean straining cloth on top of a bowl and pour your yogurt on top.


Step Three

Tie tightly the four corners of the straining cloth onto the middle of a long utensil, such as a wooden or plastic spoon.


Step Four

Open the Yogurt Maker and take out the container holder, then place your straining cloth on top, for your yogurt to strain.



Step Five

To find out your desired taste, taste your yogurt every 30 minutes. This way, next time you will know exactly how long to let it strain for. From half an hour to 3 hours of straining, your yogurt will become Greek style yogurt with a different thickness. If left for longer, from 3 to 10 hours, it will become yogurt cream. The longer you leave it, the thicker it will become. Once you have found your desired taste, place the yogurt into a bowl and refrigerate for 3 hours, then enjoy!

Did you make your Greek yogurt or yogurt cream too thick? No problem! Just add some of the strained whey back in and stir well!

The left over Whey?

Whey is the liquid which separates from the yogurt after eating and also the liquid left after straining your yogurt. There are two types of whey, the first is acid whey which comes from yogurt and ricotta-like cheeses. The second is sweet whey, which is often used to make whey protein and comes from harder cheese like cheddar and Swiss.

In recent years some scientist are attempting to find a way to make acid whey commercially valuable, just like how whey protein comes from sweet whey. Some people are using whey with cotton balls and applying to their faces or placing a few cups to bathwater claiming it has excellent toning qualities for skin and hair. Also some yogurt making companies are selling acid whey as a bottled beverage with flavors such as ginger, honey lime, passion fruit and pineapple. Promoting the product as a “probiotic tonic” which is pure, fresh and loaded with probiotics and calcium's.

For home use, you can try adding it to your smoothie or juice, or use it to finish a cold soup for a bright little kick of acid. You can also brine to tenderize chicken or turkey before roasting. Online you can find other ideas what can be done with the left over whey.

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