The Yumii Yogurt Maker has a 5 year warranty. It does not contain mechanical and electrical components, which prevents damage. The Yogurt Maker can only be damaged as a result of a fall, hit or damage caused by the fault of the customer. In such cases, the warranty is INVALID.

  1. The warranty does not cover damages resulting from improper use or exposure of the plastic to direct sunlight.
  2. The warranty does not cover wear and tear.
  3. The customer is required to keep the receipt from the purchase of the Yogurt Maker and the product packaging throughout the warranty period.
  4. The Yumii Yogurt Maker's warranty conditions come into force on 04.07.2018.
  5. The warranty is valid for purchases on the territory of Bulgaria.
  6. If you have any questions about damages to the Yumii Yogurt Maker, please send a photo and a description of the damage, a photo of the cash receipt and the packaging to We will contact you.